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Real clothing comes from the mind; some needs take precedence over others. Komerse is playing to deliver to those needs. With confidence in design and customer delivery, the Komerse brand was created.

The Brand

Komerse started as a crusade to meet the man’s need, ended in the creation of a friendship and a feeling needed as part of the completion of a man.  As the man is now much more knowledgeable and confident, Komerse wants to meet these conditions and deliver a men’s line, which men will feel associated with. They will know what to expect, how it fits, and that it can be used for several occasions in the daily life.

The Designer

Behind the design, is the recognized Peter Hansson, known for his 8 years as Mr. Calvin Klein’s right hand man in the marketing of his many brands. Peter started designing Komerse from his New York apartment, with a clear vision of acknowledging the accomplishments of men.

The Style

Komerse clothing is about respect, ease, continuity and recognition. Clothing that is created to become a trusted selection of items in the men’s wardrobe. The essential collection will feature the top colors that suit every men’s style, black, navy, and white. Seasonal related colors or materials will be featured in an occasional matter only.

The Company

The Komerse brand is based on the strategic and creative principals of any organization wishing to be commercially viable. Design starts in the mind, strategy starts with research and both are the start of building pillars for Komerse, the clothing brand without excuses. 

Manage your life in style, and join the creation of refined luxury.